Live and In Person for Shabbat!

Live and in person most Saturdays!
(We typically hold in person services, with Zoom links available.)
Please let the office know if you have any guests who plan to attend.

Note: Shabbat services will occasionally take place on ZOOM ONLY; See email for most accurate info. 

State of Dispute: Meet the Filmmakers

Join us on Zoom May 15 to meet two filmmakers and hear about what they have learned so far in their years-long endeavors interviewing people on all sides of the Israel-Palestine conflicts.

Purim 2024

Thanks to all who made our Purim festivities and raffle such a success! From handwriting and performing parody songs about the holiday to preparing food to organizing the event to donating treasures to purchasing raffle tickets to joining in our meal to inviting guests, and so much more, everyone involved in any way helped to make it a wonderful event to remember!